Thursday, May 13, 2010

Technology for the small business owner

Hello all who might be reading this. I have been on a quest for 3 years now since becoming manager of the Bykenhulle House B&B to optimize and make our website a viable competitor for Hudson Valley bed and breakfast keyword

So, you ask why is she blogging about this....because I have found that the internet and I have a love hate relationship. I love to  hate it, ha ha. Once you think you are equal or at least at a point of understanding, your blown out of the water by something new. I will not give up because I do love it. So the point of this blog is that any one who is a small business owner I have just found a really cool website called hub spot, if you are just starting out as I had three years ago use this site it has everything all in one place!! It is super user friendly and great analytics as well!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hudson Valley Wedding Season

As May 1st approaches so does the wedding season in the beautiful Hudson valley. 2010 is a popular year filled with great potential. At the Bykenhulle House we have been working hard to plant, mow, paint, dust and simply be ready for a great season. If your wedding is approaching with in the next two months now is a great time to get your marriage license, go over your day of schedule and menus, plan your ceremony program, and remember have fun (bridal showers, baccalaureate party etc.).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summers Dwindling

So as the Dutchess County Fair has approached I am realizing that summer is coming to an end yet again.It feels as though it barely begun with all of the bad weather in June and we were busy with events in July and now we are here, the end of August. The bed and breakfast is doing great and I can wait to get in to the fall season. Fall around here is great with the air cooling off, the bright vibrant colors of the trees starting to emerge and the bustle of tourist and friends always around. I hope to be serving many great apple, peach and pumpkin dishes, with warm oatmeal and spice spiked foods including apple cider.