Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Blinking Clock...

If any one is interested in becoming an innkeeper or if you wonder why things in a b&b aren't always perfect this entry will hopefully shed some light of understanding for you. I read a review of a neighboring inn on trip advisor and found that one of the comments involved the guest making a remark about many things unkempt but that the clock was not set. Now at first I felt bed because there stay was generally bad but then I started to think about the blinking alarm clock and the attention to detail that it shows. So, as I was in my guest rooms later, I realized that after the power had gone out( a few days prior) that my clocks which were plugged into the wall and that they were blinking. As I re-set them in all five rooms I realized what a pet-peeve this was turning into. Now this again seems trivial but any one who has been in the north east this past June knows that we have had more rain than ever causing more power outages than normal. Do you know what its like to have to sit there and re-set five clocks every other day. At first its not so bad but then if you hit the hour button one to many times and you've re-set the alarm clock three times because you are tired from all of the baking, laundry, bed making, itinerary planning etc. So, as not to bore you with the blinking clock, I just wanted to share what I found comical as I went about my day. It reminds me of skit that Steve martin wrote involving the man who was sentenced to purgatory to pull Cotton out of the aspirin bottle, frustrating and futile but necessary.

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